Net::Prometheus::ProcessCollector - obtain a process collector for the OS


   use Net::Prometheus::ProcessCollector;

   my $collector = Net::Prometheus::ProcessCollector->new;


This module-loading package provides a method that attempts to load a process collector appropriate for the host OS it is running on.

The following OS-specific modules are provided with this distribution:

Other OSes may be supported by 3rd-party CPAN modules by following this naming pattern based on the value of the $^O variable on the OS concerned.



   $collector = Net::Prometheus::ProcessCollector->new( %args )

Attempts to construct a new process collector for the OS named by $^O, passing in any extra arguments into the new constructor for the specific class.

If no perl module is found under the appropriate file name, undef is returned. If any other error occurs while loading or constructing the instance, the exception is thrown as normal.

Typically a process exporter should support the following named arguments:

prefix => STR

A prefix to prepend on all the exported variable names. If not provided, the default should be "process".

labels => ARRAY

Additional labels to set on exported variables. If not provided, no extra labels will be set.


   $collector = Net::Prometheus::ProcessCollector->for_OS( $os, @args )

Attempts to construct a new process collector for the named OS. Except under especially-exceptional circumstances, you don't want to call this method. Call "new" instead.