Net::SFTP::Buffer - Read/write buffer class


    use Net::SFTP::Buffer;
    my $buffer = Net::SFTP::Buffer->new;


Net::SFTP::Buffer inherits from Net::SSH::Perl::Buffer to provide read/write buffer functionality for SSH. SFTP buffers are exactly the same as SSH buffers, with a couple of additions:

  • 64-bit integers

    SFTP requires the use of 64-bit integers to represent very large file sizes. In Net::SFTP::Buffer 64-bit integers are implemented as Math::Pari objects.

  • File attribute bundles

    Attribute bundles are not strictly a simple data type--they are, in fact, made up of smaller pieces, like 32-bit integers, 64-bit integers, etc.--but for matters of convenience, it is easiest to provide methods to directly serialize/deserialize attributes from buffers.


Usage of Net::SFTP::Buffer objects is exactly the same as usage of Net::SSH::Perl::Buffer objects, with additions of the following methods to support the above data types.


Extracts a 64-bit integer from $buffer and returns it as a Math::Pari object.


Serializes a 64-bit integer $int into the buffer $buffer; $int can be either a Math::Pari object or a built-in Perl integer, if it is small enough to fit into a Perl int.


Uses Net::SFTP::Attributes to extract a list of file attributes from $buffer, and returns a Net::SFTP::Attributes object containing those file attributes.


Serializes a Net::SFTP::Attributes object $attrs into the buffer $buffer.


Please see the Net::SFTP manpage for author, copyright, and license information.