Net::SFTP::Constants - Exportable SFTP constants


    use Net::SFTP::Constants qw( :tag CONSTANT );
    print "Constant value is ", CONSTANT;


Net::SFTP::Constants provides a list of exportable SFTP constants: for SFTP messages and commands, for file-open flags, for status messages, etc. Constants can be exported individually, or in sets identified by tag names.

Net::SFTP::Constants provides values for all of the constants listed in the SFTP protocol version 3 draft; the only thing to note is that the constants are listed with the prefix SSH2 instead of SSH. So, for example, to import the constant for the file-open command, you would write:

    use Net::SFTP::Constants qw( SSH2_FXP_OPEN );


As mentioned above, constants can either be imported individually or in sets grouped by tag names. The tag names are:

  • fxp

    Imports all of the SSH2_FXP_* constants: these are the constants used in the messaging protocol.

  • flags

    Imports all of the SSH2_FXF_* constants: these are constants used as flags sent to the server when opening files.

  • att

    Imports all of the SSH2_FILEXFER_ATTR_* constants: these are the constants used to construct the flag in the serialized attributes. The flag describes what types of file attributes are listed in the buffer.

  • status

    Imports all of the SSH2_FX_* constants: these are constants returned from a server SSH2_FXP_STATUS message and indicate the status of a particular operation.

There is one constant that does not fit into any of the tag sets: SSH2_FILEXFER_VERSION, which holds the value of the SFTP protocol implemented by Net::SFTP.


Please see the Net::SFTP manpage for author, copyright, and license information.