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Net::SolarWinds::ConstructorHash - Default Hash object constructor


  package MyClass;
  use base qw(Net::SolarWinds::ConstructorHash);
  my $pkg=new MyClass(key=>'value');


This library provides a common base line construcotor that accepts an arbitrary key=>value pair set.

Setting default constructor values.

To create default constructor values, simply use the inherited OO constructor example:

  sub new {
        my ($class,%args)=@_;
        return $class->SUPER::new(

OO Methods provided

  • Object constructor

    This class provides a basic object constructor that accepts hash key value pairs as its arguments. Keep in mind there are a few reserved hash keys.

    Reserved hash keys:

        # wich is used to manage the shutdown state.
      log=>undef|Net::SolarWinds::Log instance
        # this key represents the log object ( if passed into the constructor as class->new(log=>Net::SolarWinds::Log->new()) )
  • $self->is_shutdown

    This method should be used when running infinate loops to see if the application should stop running its extended loop.

  • $self->set_shutdown

    Sets the object into the shutdown state.


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