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Net::Twitter::Role::RetryOnError - Retry Twitter API calls on error


version 4.01043


    use Net::Twitter;
    $nt = Net::Twitter->new(
        traits      => ['API::RESTv1_1', 'RetryOnError']
        max_retries => 3,


Temporary errors are not uncommon when calling the Twitter API. When applied to Net::Twitter this role will provide automatic retries of API calls in a very configurable way.

It only retries when the response status code is >= 500. Other error codes indicate a permanent error. If the maximum number of retries is reached, without success, an exception is thrown, as usual.


This role adds the following options to new:


A floating point number specifying the initial delay, after an error, before retrying. Default: 0.25 (250 milliseconds).


A floating point number specifying the maximum delay between retries. Default: 4.0


On the second and subsequent retries, a new delay is calculated by multiplying the previous delay by retry_delay_multiplier. Default: 2.0


The maximum number of consecutive retries before giving up and throwing an exception. If set to 0, it the API call will be retried indefinitely. Default 5.


A code reference that will be called to handle the delay. It is passed a single argument: a floating point number specifying the number of seconds to delay. By default, "sleep" in Time::HiRes is called.

If you're using a non-blocking user agent, like Coro::LWP, you should use this option to provide a non-blocking delay.


Marc Mims <>


Copyright (c) 2016 Marc Mims


This library is free software and may be distributed under the same terms as perl itself.