Netscape::Bookmarks::Alias - object for an Alias in a Netscape Bookmarks file


        use Netscape::Bookmarks;
        use Netscape::Bookmarks::Alias;

        my $bookmarks = Netscape::Bookmarks->new();

        my $alias = Netscape::Bookmarks::Alias->new();

        $bookmarks->add( $alias );
        # ... and other Netscape::Bookmark::Category methods


This module provides an abstraction for an Alias object in a Netscape Bookmarks file. An alias is simply a reference to another link in the Bookmarks file, henceforth called the target. If you change the alias, the target link also changes.

$obj = Netscape::Bookmarks::Alias->new( ALIASID )

Creates a new Netscape::Bookmarks::Alias object with the ALIASOF attribute value of ALIASID. This object relies on a corresponding Netscape::Bookmarks::Link object with the same ALIASID, although new does not check to see if that object exists (although it probably should).


Returns the alias key for this Netscape::Bookmarks::Alias object.

$obj->target( ALIAS_KEY )

Returns the target Link of the given alias key. The return value is a Netscape::Bookmarks::Link object if the target exists, or undef in scalar context or the empty list in list context if the target does not exist. If you want to simply check to see if a target exists, use target_exists.

Adds a target link for the given ALIAS_KEY. You can add target links before the Alias is created.

target_exists( TARGET_KEY )

For the given target key returns TRUE or FALSE if the target exists.


Returns a string representation on the alias. This is almost identical from the representation of the link which is aliases except that the ALIASID attribute is changed to the ALIASOF attribute.


Returns the tile of the Alias.


Performs any clean up necessary to remove this object from the Bookmarks tree. Although this method does not affect the Link object which is its target, it probably should.


brian d foy <>


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Netscape::Bookmarks, Netscape::Bookmarks::Link