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OLE::Storage::Handler - Handle functions for OLE::Storage::Var

$Revision: $ $Date: 1998/02/25 21:13:00 $


use OLE::Storage::Var;

$Var = new Var;

$Handle = $Var -> handle();

Methods will be described below. But be aware, that this package is a little bit likely to be removed in future. Actually you should not need to deal with it at all.


OLE::Storage::Handler is the interface used by OLE::Storage::Var. The purpose was to allow the installation of new Property types easily and even at runtime. An example of how this could look like can be found in "lls". Anyway, this all looks pretty superfluous to me, and therefore might be removed some nice day.

\&sub == $Var -> add ($from, $fromstr||0, $to, \&sub [,$par])

$data = $Var -> convert ($from, $to, \$buf, \$o)

\&sub == $Var -> func ($from, $to [,$Sub [,$par]])

\&sub == $Var -> code ($from, $to [,$Sub])

$par = $Var -> par ($from, $to [,$par])

$typestr = $Var -> typestr ($type [,$typestr])


OLE::Storage::Var, demonstration program "lls"


Martin Schwartz <schwartz@cs.tu-berlin.de>.