OLE::Storage::Var - Variable handling for properties

$Revision: $ $Date: 1998/02/25 21:13:00 $


use OLE::Storage::Var;

$Var = new Var;

$Property = $Var -> property (\$buf, $o||\$o [,$type])

$Handler = $Var -> handler ()


This package is governing the two packages OLE::Storage::Property and OLE::Storage::Handler. It manages the binary data of properties. OLE::Storage::Property uses methods of $Var to store and convert properties. OLE::Storage::Var will probably be changed very much in close future. So what a luck, that:

Normally the only thing you will have to do with this package is to create an instance either via package OLE::Storage with "$Var = OLE::Storage->NewVar", or with same method of package OLE::PropertySet. This $Var you need to pass to OLE::Storage->open calls.

Note: If you should to have to create new properties by your own, do it always via this $Var interface.


OLE::Storage::Property, OLE::Storage::Handler, demonstration program "lls"


Martin Schwartz <>.