Simon Wistow
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OurCal - a simple yet featureful personal calendaring system


This is a example index.cgi

    my $config    = OurCal::Config->new( file => 'ourcal.conf' );
    my $handler   = OurCal::Handler->new( config => $config);
    my $cal       = OurCal->new( date => $handler->date, user => $handler->user, config => $config );
    my $view      = OurCal::View->load_view($handler->view, config => $config->config, calendar => $cal);

    print $handler->header($view->mime_type);
    print $view->handle($handler->mode);


OurCal was written one hungover Sunday afternoon 5 years ago and hasn't changed that much since. It's not a complicated calendaring system, I've got other code to do that, but it's simple and extendable and it works.

Feature wise:

simple events

OurCal has no concept of start or end times - an event is on a day or it isn't. Surprisingly this suffices 99% of my time and makes things much quicker and easier internally.

Events can be marked up using the Chump syntax which is kind of like Markdown but had the virtue of existing at the time. There's no real reason why Chump couldn't be ripped out and replaced with Markdown.

Events have a date and a description and that's pretty much it. If you want more feed me beer and choclate covered coffee beans until I get round to finishing EventQueue.


OurCal has simple TODO items as well - these are also marked up in Chump.


OurCal can import iCalendar feeds from both local and remote sources and can also export an ICS feed. Since it's all done with plugins (I loves me my plugins) you could write plugins to import and export whatever you want.

multi user

Nominally OurCal is multi user but there's no user management to speak of and I only ever use it for one person so I wouldn't know.


All events use hCalendar semantic markup because I'm nothing if not Buzzword Compatible.


There's no mod_perl or mod_perl handler at the moment but it'd be but a moments work to do.


new <params>

Requires a config param of type OurCal::Config and a date param in the form yyyy-mm or yyyy-mm-dd. Can optionally take a user param. No user validation is done.


Return the current date


Return the current user


Return the current date as a span name (month or day)


Return the current date as an object - either an OurCal::Month or an OurCal::Day).


Return the events for a current span as OurCal::Event objects


Return whether the current span has events


Return all the current todos as OurCal::Todo objects.


Returns the names of all the current users

save_todo OurCal::Todo

Save a TODO item

del_todo OurCal::Todo

Delete a TODO item

save_event OurCal::Event

Save an Event

del_event OurCal::Event

Delete an event


Simon Wistow <>


Copyright, 2007 - Simon Wistow

Distributed under the same terms as Perl itself


OurCal::Provider, OurCal::View, OurCal::Handler, OurCal::Config