PPI::Exception - The PPI exception base class


  use PPI::Exception;
  my $e = PPI::Exception->new( 'something happened' );

  PPI::Exception->new( message => 'something happened' )->throw;
  PPI::Exception->throw( message => 'something happened' );


All exceptions thrown from within PPI will be instances or derivations of this class.


new $message | message => $message, ...

Constructs and returns a new PPI::Exception object.

A message for the exception can be passed, either as a string or as message => $message. The message is available via the message method.


If called on a PPI::Exception object, throws the object. If called on the class name, uses the arguments to construct a PPI::Exception and then throw it.

Each time the object is thrown, information from the Perl <caller(0)> call is saved and made available via the callers method.

This method never returns.


Returns the exception message passed to the object's constructor, or a default message.


Returns a listref, each element of which is a listref of caller(0) information. The returned listref can be empty.