PPI::Token::Quote::Double - A standard "double quote" token


  isa PPI::Token::Quote
      isa PPI::Token
          isa PPI::Element


A PPI::Token::Quote::Double object represents a double-quoted interpolating string.

The string is treated as a single entity, PPI will not try to understand what is in the string during the parsing process.


There are several methods available for PPI::Token::Quote::Double, beyond those provided by the parent PPI::Token::Quote, PPI::Token and PPI::Element classes.


The interpolations method checks to see if the double quote actually contains any interpolated variables.

Returns true if the string contains interpolations, or false if not.


For various reasons, some people find themselves compelled to have their code in the simplest form possible.

The simplify method will, if possible, modify a simple double-quoted string token in place, turning it into the equivalent single-quoted string. If the token is modified, it is reblessed into the PPI::Token::Quote::Single package.

Because the length of the content is not changed, there is no need to call the document's flush_locations method.

The object itself is returned as a convenience.


See the support section in the main module.


Adam Kennedy <>


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