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Parse::RecDescent::FAQ - the official, authorized FAQ for Parse::RecDescent.


Original FAQ

You can see the original FAQ (still useful) at Parse::RecDescent::FAQ::Original. It is a document that I grew over about a decade, but I no longer have time for editing and categorizing other people's posts to fit them into POD format and to collect answers.

Delicious Bookmarks

But I still scan Google alerts for new recdescent posts daily. You may read what I have found to be useful at my my parse-recdescent tagged delicious bookmarks.

Mailing list

You will also find the mailing list archives to be of some help or you could subscribe to the mailing list itself.

Recent hot questions

I occasionally encounter a recent hot question and will post it right here

Getting the return value of the top-level rule

Even if you read the Parse::RecDescent very closely, you will not be sure of how to get the return data back from a top-level rule. All the examples are $parser->startrule($text) or die without any attempts to extract the return value.

However, thanks to Rob Kinyon's hard work, we have an answer:

  $tree = $parser->startrule( $text ) or die "Cannot parse"


Terrence Brannon


The repo is on github