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Parse::SAMGov - Parses SAM Entity Management Public Extract Layout from


version 0.202


    my $parser = Parse::SAMGov->new;
    my $entities = $parser->parse_file('SAM_PUBLIC_DAILY_20160701.dat');
    foreach my $e (@$entities) {
        ## do something with each entity
        say $e->DUNS, ' is a valid entity';
    #... use in filter mode like grep ...
    my $entities_541511 = $parser->parse_file('SAM_PUBLIC_DAILY_20160701.dat',
                                    sub {
                                        # filter all companies with NAICS code
                                        # being 541511
                                        return $_[0] if exists $_[0]->NAICS->{541511};
                                        return undef;

    # ... do something ...
    my $exclusions = $parser->parse_file(exclusion => 'SAM_Exclusions_Public_Extract_16202.CSV');
    foreach my $e (@$exclusions) {
        ## do something with each entity that has been excluded
        say $e->DUNS, ' has been excluded';



This method takes as arguments the file to be parsed and returns an array reference of Parse::SAMGov::Entity or Parse::SAMGOv::Exclusion objects depending on the data being parsed.

If the second argument is a coderef then passes each Entity or Exclusion object into the callback where the user can select which objects they want to return. The user has to return 1 if they want the object returned in the array ref or undef if they do not.

    my $entities = $parser->parse_file('SAM_PUBLIC_DAILY_20160701.dat');
    my $exclusions = $parser->parse_file('SAM_Exclusions_Public_Extract_16202.CSV');
    my $entities = $parser->parse_file('SAM_PUBLIC_DAILY_20160701.dat', sub {
        my ($entity_or_exclusion, $optional_user_arg) = @_;
        #... do something ...
        return 1 if (!$entity_or_exclusion->is_private);
        return undef;
    }, $optional_user_arg);


Parse::SAMGov::Entity and Parse::SAMGov::Exclusion for the object definitions.


Vikas N Kumar <>


This software is copyright (c) 2023 by Selective Intellect LLC.

This is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify it under the same terms as the Perl 5 programming language system itself.