Perinci::Access::Simple::Client - Riap::Simple client


This document describes version 0.23 of Perinci::Access::Simple::Client (from Perl distribution Perinci-Access-Simple-Client), released on 2017-07-03.


 use Perinci::Access::Simple::Client;
 my $pa = Perinci::Access::Simple::Client->new;

 my $res;

 ## performing Riap requests

 # to request server over TCP
 $res = $pa->request(call => 'riap+tcp://localhost:5678/Foo/Bar/func',
                     {args => {a1=>1, a2=>2}});

 # to request server over Unix socket (separate Unix socket path and Riap
 # request key 'uri' with an extra slash /)
 $res = $pa->request(call => 'riap+unix:/var/run/api.sock//Foo/Bar/func',
                     {args => {a1=>1, a2=>2}});

 # to request "server" (program) over pipe (separate program path and first
 # argument with an extra slash /, then separate each program argument with
 # slashes, finally separate last program argument with Riap request key 'uri'
 # with an extra slash /). Arguments are URL-escaped so they can contain slashes
 # if needed (in the encoded form of %2F).
 $res = $pa->request(call => 'riap+pipe:/path/to/prog//arg1/arg2//Foo/Bar/func',
                     {args => {a1=>1, a2=>2}});

 # an example for riap+pipe, accessing a remote program via SSH client
 use URI::Escape;
 my @cmd = ('ssh', '-T', 'user@host', '/path/to/program', 'first arg', '2nd');
 my $uri = "/Foo/Bar/func";
 $res = $pa->request(call => 'riap+pipe:' .
                             uri_escape($cmd[0]) . '//' .
                             join('/', map { uri_escape($_) } @cmd[1..@cmd-1]) . '/' .
                     {args => {a1=>1, a2=>2}});

 # helper for riap+tcp
 $res = $pa->request_tcp(call => [$host, $port], \%extra);

 # helper for riap+unix
 $res = $pa->request_unix(call => $sockpath, \%extra);

 # helper for riap+pipe
 my @cmd = ('/path/to/program', 'first arg', '2nd');
 $res = $pa->request_pipe(call => \@cmd, \%extra);

 ## parsing URL

 $res = $pa->parse_url("riap+unix:/var/run/apid.sock//Foo/bar");   # -> {proto=>"riap+unix", path=>"/Foo/bar", unix_sock_path=>"/var/run/apid.sock"}
 $res = $pa->parse_url("riap+tcp://localhost:5000/Foo/bar");       # -> {proto=>"riap+tcp" , path=>"/Foo/bar", host=>"localhost", port=>5000}
 $res = $pa->parse_url("riap+pipe:/path/to/prog//a1/a2//Foo/bar"); # -> {proto=>"riap+pipe", path=>"/Foo/bar", prog_path=>"/path/to/prog", args=>["a1", "a2"]}


This class implements Riap::Simple client. It supports the 'riap+tcp', 'riap+unix', and 'riap+pipe' schemes for a variety of methods to access the server: either via TCP (where the server can be on a remote computer), Unix socket, or a program (where the program can also be on a remote computer, e.g. accessed via ssh).


PKG->new(%attrs) => OBJ

Instantiate object. Known attributes:

  • retries => INT (default 2)

    Number of retries to do on network failure. Setting it to 0 will disable retries.

  • retry_delay => INT (default 3)

    Number of seconds to wait between retries.

$pa->request($action => $server_url, \%extra) => $res

Send Riap request to $server_url.

$pa->request_tcp($action => [$host, $port], \%extra) => $res

Helper/wrapper for request(), it forms $server_url using:


You need to specify Riap request key 'uri' in %extra.

$pa->request_unix($action => $sockpath, \%extra) => $res

Helper/wrapper for request(), it forms $server_url using:

 "riap+unix:" . uri_escape($sockpath)

You need to specify Riap request key 'uri' in %extra.

$pa->request_pipe($action => \@cmd, \%extra) => $res

Helper/wrapper for request(), it forms $server_url using:

 "riap+pipe:" . uri_escape($cmd[0]) . "//" .
 join("/", map {uri_escape($_)} @cmd[1..@cmd-1])

You need to specify Riap request key 'uri' in %extra.

$pa->parse_url($server_url) => HASH


When I use riap+pipe, is the program executed for each Riap request?

No, this module does some caching, so if you call the same program (with the same arguments) 10 times, the same program will be used and it will receive 10 Riap requests using the Riap::Simple protocol.


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