Perldoc::Server - Local Perl documentation server


 perldoc-server [options]
 --perl /path/to/perl   Show documentation for this Perl installation
 --port 1234            Set server port number
 --public               Run as a public server (defaults to private)
 --help                 Display help


Perldoc::Server is a Catalyst application to serve local Perl documentation in the same style as

In addition to keeping the same look and feel of, Perldoc::Server offer the following features:

  • View source of any installed module

  • Improved syntax highlighting

    • Line numbering

    • use and require statements linked to modules

  • Sidebar shows links to your 10 most viewed documentation pages



By default, Perldoc::Server will show documentation for the Perl installation used to run the server.

However, using the --perl command-line option, it is also possible to serve documentation for a different Perl installation, e.g.

 perldoc-server --perl /usr/bin/perl

Note that while Perldoc::Server requires Perl 5.10.0 or newer, the --perl option can be used to display documentation for older Perls.


Sets the server's port number - defaults to 7375 ("PERL" on a phone keypad).


Runs as a public server. If this option is not set, the server will default to private mode, i.e. only accepting connections from localhost.


Penny's Arcade Open Source -


Jon Allen (JJ) <>

Perldoc::Server was developed at the 2009 QA Hackathon supported by Birmingham Perl Mongers


Thanks to Andreas Koenig and Barbie for help in rendering Unicode characters in Pod.

Thanks to Varyanick I. Alex for bugfix patches for RT tickets #49486, #49488, #49491, and #49492.

Thanks to Eduard Wulff, Tomas Doran, and Colin Newell for parches, help, and support.


Copyright (C) 2011 Penny's Arcade Limited -

This library is free software, you can redistribute it and/or modify it under the same terms as Perl itself.