PkgForge::Source - A source package class for the LCFG Package Forge


     This documentation refers to PkgForge::Source version 1.4.8


     This is a Moose role and cannot be instantiated directly. Use it
     as shown below, note that you are required to implement an
     instance method named C<validate>.

     package PkgForge::Source::SRPM;

     use Moose;

     with 'PkgForge::Source';

     sub validate { }


This module provides a representation of a source package which is used by the LCFG Package Forge software suite. It is not intended to be comprehensive but rather to just fulfill the simple requirements for representing build jobs.

A source package can be anything, it could be a source tar file or an SRPM for example.



This is the directory in which the source package can be found. If none is given then it defaults to the current directory. The directory must exist.


This is the file name of the source package, this attribute is required when creating new objects. It is not required for the file to exist but you will need it if you want to find the sha1sum or carry out validation tests.


This is the SHA1 checksum of the source package. It will be calculated the first time the attribute is queried.


This is the size of the source package, measured in bytes. If the file does not exist then this will be zero.


This is a string representing the type of the source package. It is the final part of the name of the module which implements this role. For example, for "PkgForge::Source::SRPM" the type is "SRPM".


Class Methods

There is one class method.


This class method takes the path to a source file. It returns true or false based on whether or not the module can handle that type of source file. It uses the validate method to do the working of checking the source package. Note that under normal circumstances (i.e. when checking the source package validity) this method must not die.

Instance Methods

There are several instance methods.


This method generates the SHA1 digest for the package and returns it in hexadecimal form. The length of the returned string will be 40 and it will only contain characters from this set: '0'..'9' and 'a'..'f'.


This will compare the current value of the SHA1 checksum, as stored in the sha1sum attribute, against the value found by running gen_sha1sum on the package. It returns a boolean value reflecting whether they match.


This returns the full path to the source package (i.e. the combination of the basedir and file attributes).


This will carry out type-specific validation (e.g. for SRPM we would ensure that it really is a proper SRPM not just something with a .src.rpm suffix). This method must be provided by all classes implementing this role. It will take either a file name as an argument or use the fullpath method.


This module is powered by Moose and also uses MooseX::Types and Digest::SHA1.


PkgForge, PkgForge::Job, PkgForge::Types, PkgForge::Source::SRPM


This is the list of platforms on which we have tested this software. We expect this software to work on any Unix-like platform which is supported by Perl.

ScientificLinux5, Fedora13


Please report any bugs or problems (or praise!) to, feedback and patches are also always very welcome.


    Stephen Quinney <>


    Copyright (C) 2010-2011 University of Edinburgh. All rights reserved.

This library is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify it under the terms of the GPL, version 2 or later.

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