Plack::App::DAIA::Test - Test DAIA Servers


version 0.55


    use Test::More;
    use Plack::App::DAIA::Test;

    use Your::App; # your subclass of Plack::App::DAIA
    my $app = Your::App->new;

    # or wrap a DAIA server
    my $app = daia_app( '' );

    test_daia $app,
        'some:id' => sub {
            my $daia = shift; # or = $_
            my @docs = $daia->document;
            is (scalar @docs, 1, 'returned one document');
        'another:id' => sub {
            my $daia = shift;

    # same usage, shown here with an inline server

        sub {
            my $id = shift;
            my $daia = DAIA::Response->new;
            return $daia;
        'some:id' => sub {
            my $daia = $_; # or shift



This model is experimental, so take care! The current version has different behaviour for test_daia and test_daia_psgi, that might get fixed.

This module exports two methods for testing DAIA servers. You must provide a DAIA server as code reference or as instance of Plack::App::DAIA and a list of request identifiers and testing code. The testing code is passed a valid DAIA::Response object on success ($_ is also set to this response).


test_daia ( $app, $id1 => $expected, $id2 => ... )

Calls a DAIA server $app's retrieve method with one or more identifiers, each given a test function or an expected JSON structure to be tested with Test::JSON::Entails. This does not add warnings and the error option is ignored (use test_daia_psgi instead if needed).

test_daia_psgi ( $app, $id => $expected, $id => ... )

Calls a DAIA server $app as PSGI application with one or more identifiers, each given a test function or an expected JSON structure.

daia_app ( $plack_app_daia | $url | $code )

Returns an instance of Plack::App::DAIA or undef. Code references or URLs are wrapped. For wrapped URLs $@ is set on failure. This method may be removed to be used internally only!


Plack::App::DAIA::Test::Suite and provedaia.


Jakob Voß


This software is copyright (c) 2014 by Jakob Voß.

This is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify it under the same terms as the Perl 5 programming language system itself.