Plack::App::ServiceStatus - Check and report status of various services needed by your app


version 0.913


  # using Plack::Builder with Plack::App::URLMap
  use Plack::Builder;
  use Plack::App::ServiceStatus;

  my $status_app = Plack::App::ServiceStatus->new(
      app           => 'your app',
      version       => '1.42',
      DBIC          => [ $schema, 'select 1' ],
      Elasticsearch => $es, # instance of Search::Elasticsearch

  builder {
    mount "/_status" => $status_app;
    mount "/" => $your_app;

  # using OX
  router as {
      mount '/_status' => 'Plack::App::ServiceStatus' => (
          app                     => literal(__PACKAGE__),
          Redis                   => 'redis',
          '+MyApp::ServiceStatus' => {
                foo => literal("foo")
          buildinfo => literal('buildinfo.json'),
      route '/some/endpoint' => 'some_controller.some_action';
      # ...

  # checking the status
  curl http://localhost:3000/_status | json_pp
     "app" : "Your app",
     "version": "1.42",
     "started_at" : 1465823638,
     "uptime" : 42,
     "checks" : [
           "status" : "ok",
           "name" : "Your app"
           "name" : "Elasticsearch",
           "status" : "ok"
           "name" : "DBIC",
           "status" : "ok"


Plack::App::ServiceStatus implements a small Plack application that you can use to get some status info about your application and the services needed by it.

You can then use some monitoring software to periodically check if your app is running and has access to all needed services.

Options to new

  • name

    The name of your app.

  • version

    The version of your app.

    item * DBI, DBIxConnector, DBIC, Redis, Elasticsearch, NetStomp

    Enable and configure a check, see Checks below

  • show_hostname

    If set to a true value, show the hostname.

  • buildinfo

    Path to a buildinfo.json JSON file containing information on when/how the app was built. See "" in bin for a script that will generate a buildinfo.json containing the build date, git commit and git branch.


The following checks are currently available:

Each check consists of a name and a status. The status can be ok or nok. A check might also contain a message, which should be some description of the error or problem if the status is nok.

Each check has to implement a method named check which will be called with name of the class and the arguments you specified when setting up Plack::App::ServiceStatus. check has to return either the string ok, or the string nok and a string containing an explanation.

You can add your own checks by specifying a name starting with a + sign, for example +My::App::SomeStatusCheck. Or send me a pull request to include your check in this distribution, or just release it yourself!


The slightly strange way Plack::App::ServiceStatus is initiated is caused by the way OX works.

Plack::App::ServiceStatus is not implemented as a middleware on purpose. While middlewares are great for a lot of use cases, I think that here an embedded app is the better fit.


  • make sure the app is only initiated once when running in OX


Thanks to


Thomas Klausner <>


This software is copyright (c) 2016 - 2022 by Thomas Klausner.

This is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify it under the same terms as the Perl 5 programming language system itself.