RPC::Serialized::Server::UCSPI::TCP - RPC server managed by DJB's ucspi-tpc


version 1.123630


 use RPC::Serialized::Server::UCSPI::TCP;
 # set up the new server
 my $s = RPC::Serialized::Server::UCSPI::TCP->new;
 # begin a single-process loop handling requests on STDIN and STDOUT


This module provides an extension to RPC::Serialized which enhances support for Dan Bernstein's ucspi-tcp network services system.

In ucspi-land, servers communicate using Standard Input and Standard Output, so things are very simple. His services system takes care of setting up a listening network socket, and forking off child handlers. Those child handlers are simple setup scripts just like that shown in the "SYNOPSIS" above.

Within the examples directory of this distribution, there is an example tcpserver startup script which uses this module.

There is no additional server configuration necessary, although you can of course supply arguments to new() as described in the RPC::Serialized manual page.

This module provides support for using the TCPREMOTEINFO environment variable in the call authorization phase of RPC::Serialized. Although not well documented, this is fully working and there are example scripts in this distribution.


This module is a derivative of YAML::RPC, written by pod and Ray Miller, at the University of Oxford Computing Services. Without their brilliant creation this system would not exist.


Oliver Gorwits <>


This software is copyright (c) 2012 by University of Oxford.

This is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify it under the same terms as the Perl 5 programming language system itself.