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RT-Action-AutoAddWatchers - A more powerful $ParseNewMessageForTicketCcs


Automatically adds new watchers from the current transaction to the ticket, while trying to do so intelligently. The basic rules:

  • Addresses are extracted from the To, Cc, and From headers.

  • Any address matching a configured address for RT is discarded.

  • Any address which is already a ticket watcher is discarded.

  • If the address matches a privileged user, the user is added as a ticket AdminCc.

  • Otherwise, the address is added as a ticket Cc.

Notably, this does not skip addresses which are already queue watchers. The intent is to ensure that explicitly named people remain explicit on the ticket but don't receive duplicate mail. This is the reason for the distinction between ticket Cc/AdminCc, under the assumption that your queue watchers are AdminCcs. It also pairs nicely with a notification setup using RT::Extension::NotifyBasedOnOwnership and enables queue watchers to be looped into specific tickets via the initial email.

The default installation does not create a scrip for you. You must do that for yourself using the new Automatically add ticket watchers from new addresses action. A suggested scrip is:

    Condition: On Create
    Action: Automatically add ticket watchers from new addresses
    Template: Blank
    Stage: Normal

I strongly suggest only running this action On Create instead of on all correspondences (matching the behaviour of $ParseNewMessageForTicketCcs) so that watchers may not add themselves simply by replying to a ticket.


perl Makefile.PL
make install

May need root permissions

make initdb

Only run this the first time you install this module.

If you run this twice, you may end up with duplicate data in your database.

If you are upgrading this module, check for upgrading instructions in case changes need to be made to your database.

Edit your /opt/rt4/etc/

Add this line:


or add RT::Action::AutoAddWatchers to your existing @Plugins line.

Clear your mason cache
    rm -rf /opt/rt4/var/mason_data/obj
Restart your webserver
Create a scrip (or scrips) as appropriate for your installation using the new action.


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This software is Copyright (c) 2014 by Thomas Sibley

This is free software, licensed under:

  The GNU General Public License, Version 2, June 1991