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RT::IODEF - A perl module for translating RT tickets to IODEF messages and also maps IODEF to RT's Custom Fields based on their description tag


  # to map the IODEF XML to a custom field, set the custom field's "description" to it's IODEF (XML::IODEF) representation of the xml path prepended with _IODEF_
  # these will be mapped when the IODEF_ProcessMessage script runs during a TicketCreate transaction
  # see lib/RT/Action/

  Description       _IODEF_IncidentDescription
  Restriction:      _IODEF_Incidentrestriction
  Address:          _IODEF_IncidentEventDataFlowSystemNodeAddress
  Severity:         _IODEF_IncidentAssessmentImpactseverity
  Impact:           _IODEF_IncidentAssessmentImpact
  Service Protocol: _IODEF_IncidentEventDataFlowSystemServiceip_protocol
  Service Portlist: _IODEF_IncidentEventDataFlowSystemServicePortlist
  # and so on...

  # example taken from html/IODEF/IODEF.html
    use RT::Ticket;

    my $Ticket = RT::Ticket->new($session{'CurrentUser'});
    my $xml = $Ticket->IODEF();

    $xml = $xml->out();
  $id => undef

package RT::Ticket; require XML::IODEF::Simple;