Rex::WebUI - Simple web frontend for rex (Remote Execution), using Mojolicious. Easily deploy or manage servers via a web interface.


  rex-webui daemon

  # or if you prefer using hypnotoad
  hypnotoad bin/rex-webui

and point your browser at http://localhost:3000


This is an installable web application that provides a front end to Rex projects (see

Almost unlimited functionality is available via Rex, perfect for deploying servers and managing clusters, or anything you can automate via ssh.

Build multiple Rexfiles (one per project) and register them in webui.conf

The web interface allows to you browse and run tasks, and records a history of running and completed tasks.

A small SQLite db is used to store the history.


     name                               => 'Rex Web Delopyment Console',
     secret_passphrase  => 'rex-webui',
     projects                           => [
           name        => 'SampleRexfile',
           rexfile     => "SampleRexfile",
           description => "This is a sample Project. With a few tasks.",
     db_config                  => [ dsn => 'dbi:SQLite:dbname=webui.db', username => '', password => '' ],


 # Sample Rexfile

  desc "Show Unix version";
  task uname => sub {
      my $uname = run "uname -a";

      Rex::Logger::info("uname: $uname");

      return $uname;

  desc "Show Uptime";
  task uptime => sub {
      my $uptime = run "uptime";

      Rex::Logger::info("uptime: $uptime");

      return $uptime;