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SDR - Software-Defined Radio


    use SDR;

    my $radio = SDR->radio(can => 'rx');


    $radio->rx(sub {
      ## process IQ samples in $_[0]



This is the parent module and primary interface for the SDR system of perl modules.

SDR stands for Software-Defined Radio. It is a technology where raw radio samples are created and decoded purely in software -- kind of like a "sound card for radio". It's exciting because a single device can communicate using many different modulations and protocols, usually across a large range of frequencies.

It provides a wrapper around certain tasks like creating a radio with the radio method and creating an audio sink with the audio_sink method. There are also some handy utilities in SDR::DSP.

When creating a radio, you specify what capabilities you want the radio to have (currently either tx or rx). The radio method will figure out which SDRs you have drivers installed for and which, if any, are currently plugged in. It will use the first suitable one it can find.

NOTE: The current radio drivers create background threads so you shouldn't fork after you create instances of any radio objects.


SDR::Radio::HackRF - Can transmit and receive.

SDR::Radio::RTLSDR - Can only receive.


SDR github repo

The examples in the ex/ directory of this distribution.


Doug Hoyte, <>


Copyright 2015 Doug Hoyte.

This module is licensed under the same terms as perl itself.