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ShipIt::Step::Jaiku - ShipIt step to announce the upload on Jaiku




This ShipIt step announces the upload to Jaiku.

To use it, just list it in your .shipit file. You might want to use it after the UploadCPAN step, as it is not a good idea to announce the upload before it has gone through - something might go wrong with the upload.

If this step fails - maybe Jaiku is down - a warning is issued, but the shipit process doesn't die. This is because you might have uploaded the distribution to CPAN already, and it would be a shame for the whole process to die just because you're not able to jaiku.


In the .shipit file:

    jaiku.config = /path/to/config/file
    jaiku.distname = Foo-Bar
    jaiku.message = shipped %d %v - soon at %u

You have to define three configuration values for this step:


This is the location of the file that contains the Jaiku username and userkey in YAML style. I keep mine in ~/.jaikurc. The first tilde is expanded to the user's home directory. An example file could look like this:

    username: foobar
    userkey: flurble

You can retrieve your userkey from

The reason not to keep the username and userkey in the .shipit file directly has to with security. The .shipit file will generally be in the distribution's base directory, so it is easy to make a mistake and to include it in the MANIFEST. This would lead to the userkey being published on CPAN.


This is the distribution's name.


This is the message to send to Jaiku. You can use placholders, which will be expanded. The following placeholders are recognized:


Will be expanded to the distribution name that you defined in jaiku.distname.


Will be expanded to the distribution's CPAN URL - if the distribution name is Foo-Bar, for example, the URL will be


Will be expanded to the version of the distribution you're shipping.


Will result in a percent sign.


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