Siesta - the Siesta mailing list manager.



->process( mail => $message, action => $action, list => $list )

process a mail

action may be post, sub, or unsub defaults to post

mail must be either an anonymous array or a filehandle to read the message body from

list must be the identifier of a mailing list


Return the current sender.

The default is Siesta::Send::Sendmail.

See set_sender for other details.

->set_sender ($class, @options)

Set the current sender to the given class. This will pass on any options you give it automatically.

->log ($message, $level)

Log message as long as level is below the value set in $Siesta::Config::LOG_LEVEL;

The lower the log level, the more important the error.

The default is 3.


Return the name of every plugin on the system.

->bake ( $template, $options )

$options, if present, is a hash reference

Returns the results of baking $template with the variables from $options mixed in.


Licensed under the same terms as Perl itself.


nacho, tequila, bandito, Siesta::UserGuide