Store::Digest - Store opaque data objects keyed on their cryptographic digests


Version 0.06


    use Store::Digest;

    # initialize the store

    my $store = Store::Digest->new(
        driver  => 'FileSystem',
        # all other options pass through to the driver
        dir     => '/var/db/store-digest',

    # add an object

    my $obj = $store->add(
        content  => $fh,
        language => 'en',
        mtime    => DateTime->now,

    # if you want to get the object back

    my $str = 'ni:///sha-256;IcnxQtEMlihv1wFHTMjkMprLO-9-ZXZD2lcsQLmQ1xA';
    my $uri = URI->new($str);
    my $obj = $store->get($uri);


This module will eventually act as a unifying interface for multiple storage drivers, but there is currently only one implemented: Store::Digest::Driver::FileSystem. Go see that.

    Note to users prior to this version (all two of you): The control database that contains the store-wide metadata was for some stupid reason a BerkeleyDB::Hash, and I have changed it to be a BerkeleyDB::Btree. I have included a conversion routine in the driver which should do the job transparently, but since it deletes the old control database, you may run into trouble if you don't shut down all processes attached to this database before upgrading.



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You can find documentation for this module with the perldoc command.

    perldoc Store::Digest

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