TAEB::AI - how TAEB tactically extracts its amulets

next_action -> Action

This is the method called by the main TAEB code to get individual commands. It will be called with a $self which will be your TAEB::AI object, and a TAEB object for interacting with the rest of the system (such as for looking at the map).

It should return the TAEB::Action object to send to NetHack.

Your subclass must override this method.


This is the method called when TAEB begins using this AI. This is guaranteed to be called before any calls to next_action.


This is the method called when TAEB finishes using this AI.

This will not be called when TAEB is ending, but only when the AI is replaced by a different one.

want_item Item -> Bool or Ref[Int]

Does TAEB want this item?

pickup Item -> Bool or Ref[Int]

Will TAEB pick up this item? Not by default, no.

drop Item -> Bool

Will TAEB drop this item? Not by default, no.

msg_powerup Str, *

Received when we've got a powerup-like message. Currently handles enhance.

enhance Str, Str -> Bool

Callback for enhancing. Receives skill type and current level. Returns whether we should enhance it or not. Default: YES.


A string that states what the AI is currently doing.