TaskPipe::Tool::Command__OpenProxies_FetchOpenProxies - command to fetch open proxies


Fetch proxy lists for available proxies and update the database


fetch open proxies retrieves IPs from a set of proxy lists (specified in the TaskPipe::OpenProxyManager::Settings section in the config.) Collected IPs are placed in the database.

Each IP list has settings which can be found in the global config file in sections which look like TaskPipe::OpenProxyManager::IPList_ListName::Settings (with ListName replaced with the name of the list.)

The names of the lists to collect IPs from is specified in the ip_list_names parameter in the TaskPipe::OpenProxyManager::Settings config section.

To run this as a background process, include the --shell=background parameter on the command line, and to run it repeatedly (ie turn it into a daemon) also specify --iterate=repeat.

    taskpipe fetch open proxies --shell=background --iterate=repeat


Tom Gracey <>


Copyright (c) Tom Gracey 2018

TaskPipe is free software, licensed under

    The GNU Public License Version 3