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Term::InKey - Perl extension for clearing the screen and receiving a keystroke.


        use Term::InKey;

        print "Press any key to clear the screen: ";
        $x = &ReadKey;
        print "You pressed $x\n";


This module implements Clear() to clear screen and ReadKey() to receive a keystroke, on UNIX and Win32 platforms. As opposed to Term::ReadKey, it does not contain XSUB code and can be easily installed on Windows boxes.


  • Clear

    Clear the screen.

  • ReadKey

    Read one keystroke.

  • ReadPassword

    Read a password, displaying asterisk instead of the characters readed. Deleting one character back (DEL) and erasing the buffer (^U) are supported. This function accepts one argument. It can be an alternate char for displaying other than an asterisk, or if a negative number, suppresses output to the screen and only receives input.


Write a function to receive a keystroke with time out. Easy with select() on UNIX.


This module works only on UNIX systems and Win32 systems.


This module was written by Ariel Brosh (R.I.P), November 2001, for RAZ Information Systems.

Now maintained by Oded S. Resnik


Copyright (c) 2001, 2002, 2003, 2004 RAZ Information Systems Ltd.

This package is distributed under the same terms as Perl itself, see the Artistic License on Perl's home page.


stty, tcsetattr, termcap, Term::Cap, POSIX, Term::ReadKey, Term::ReadPassword.