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Test::CircularDependencies - make sure non of the modules depend on themselves


  perl -Ilib script/ t/circular_dependency/ --dir t/circular_dependency/


Given one or more scripts, modules, or directories containing those, create a data structure that represents the dependencies. Allow the user to restrict the recursion to files found specific directories.

So let's say we have several application in our company and I'd like to make sure there are no circular dependencies.

projectA/ lib/ bin/ projectB/ lib/ Module/

but for histoical reasons while holds 'package Module::C;' holds 'package D;' so when we use this we need to

use lib 'projectA/lib'; use lib 'projectB/lib'; use lib 'projectB/lib/Module';

See als circular::require


Gabor Szabo


Copyright 2015 Gabor Szabo, All Rights Reserved.

You may use, modify, and distribute this package under the same terms as Perl itself.