Test::Run::Base::PlugHelpers - base class for Test::Run's classes with pluggable helpers.

$self->register_pluggable_helper( { %args } )

Registers a pluggable helper class (commonly done during initialisation). %args contain the following keys:

  • 'id'

    The 'id' identifying this class type.

  • 'base'

    The base class to use as the ultimate primary class of the plugin-based class.

  • 'collect_plugins_method'

    The method from which to collect the plugins. It should be defined for every base class in the hierarchy of the main class (that instantiates the helpers) and is traversed there.


Calc the namespace to put the helper with the ID $id in.

$self->create_pluggable_helper_obj({ id => $id, args => $args })

Instantiates a new pluggable helper object of the ID $id and with $args passed to the constructor.


TO OVERRIDE: this method determines the base namespace used as the base for the pluggable helpers classes.


Test::Run::Base, Test::Run::Obj, Test::Run::Core


This file is freely distributable under the MIT X11 license.


Shlomi Fish,