Andy Grundman
and 1 contributors


Thrift::XS::MemoryBuffer - Fast memory buffer


    use Thrift;
    use Thrift::XS::MemoryBuffer;
    use Thrift::XS::CompactProtocol;
    use MyThriftInterface;
    my $transport = Thrift::XS::MemoryBuffer->new(8192);
    my $protocol  = Thrift::XS::BinaryProtocol->new($transport);
    my $client    = MyThriftInterface->new($protocol);
    $client->api_call( @args );


This module is useful when writing your own socket-layer implementation, for example, it is used with AnyEvent::Cassandra.


new( [ BUFFER_SIZE ] )

Create a new buffer instance. Default buffer size is 8192 bytes.


Return the amount of bytes waiting to be read from the buffer.

read( LENGTH )

Try to read LENGTH bytes from the buffer. If less bytes are available, as many as possible will be returned.

readAll( LENGTH )

Similar to read, but dies if LENGTH bytes are not available.

write( DATA, [ LENGTH ] )

Append DATA to the buffer. LENGTH is optional but if provided it will avoid making a length function call.


Andy Grundman, <>


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