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Tickit::Widget::Scroller::Item::RichText - static text with render attributes


   use Tickit::Widget::Scroller;
   use Tickit::Widget::Scroller::Item::RichText;
   use String::Tagged;

   my $str = String::Tagged->new( "An important message" );
   $str->apply_tag( 3, 9, b => 1 );

   my $scroller = Tickit::Widget::Scroller->new;

      Tickit::Widget::Scroller::Item::RichText->new( $str )


This subclass of Tickit::Widget::Scroller::Item::Text draws static text with rendering attributes, used to apply formatting. The attributes are stored by supplying the text in an instance of a String::Tagged object.

The recognised attributes are those of Tickit::Pen, taking the same names and values. To use a String::Tagged::Formatting instance instead, use the "new_from_formatting" constructor.



   $item = Tickit::Widget::Scroller::Item::RichText->new_from_formatting( $str, %opts )

Constructs a new item containing the text given by the String::Tagged instance, converting the tags from the String::Tagged::Formatting convention into native Tickit::Pen format.


Paul Evans <>