Toadfarm - One Mojolicious app to rule them all




Toadfarm is a module for configuring and starting your Mojolicious applications. You can either combine multiple applications in one script, or just use it as a init script.

Core features:

  • Wrapper around hypnotoad that makes your application Sys-V compatible.

  • Advanced routing and virtual host configuration. Also support routing from behind another web server, such as nginx. This feature is very much like Mojolicious::Plugin::Mount on steroids.

  • Hijacking log messages to a common log file. There's also plugin, Toadfarm::Plugin::AccessLog, that allows you to log the requests sent to your server.



Here is an example script that sets up logging and mounts some applications under different domains, as well as loading in some custom plugins.

See Toadfarm::Manual::DSL for more information about the different functions.

  use Toadfarm -init;

  logging {
    combined => 1,
    file     => "/var/log/toadfarm/app.log",
    level    => "info",

  mount "MyApp"  => {
    Host   => "",
    config => {
      config_parameter_for_myapp => "foo"

  mount "/path/to/app" => {
    Host        => "",
    mount_point => "/other",

  mount "Catch::All::App";

  plugin "Toadfarm::Plugin::AccessLog";

  start; # needs to be at the last line


You don't have to put "Script" in init.d, but it will work with standard start/stop actions.

  $ /etc/init.d/your-script reload
  $ /etc/init.d/your-script start
  $ /etc/init.d/your-script stop

See also "Init script" in Toadfarm::Manual::RunningToadfarm for more details.

You can also start the application with normal Mojolicious commands:

  $ morbo /etc/init.d/your-script
  $ /etc/init.d/your-script daemon




Toadfarm prior to version 0.49 used to be a configuration file loaded in by the toadfarm script. This resulted in all the executables to be named toadfarm instead of something descriptive. It also felt a bit awkward to take over MOJO_CONFIG and use all the crazy hacks to start hypnotoad.

It also didn't work well as an init script, so there still had to be a seperate solution for that.

The new Toadfarm DSL aim to solve all of these issues. This means that if you decide to still use any MOJO_CONFIG, it should be for the applications loaded from inside Toadfarm and not the startup script.

Note that the old solution still works, but a warning tells you to change to the new DSL based API.


Copyright (C) 2014, Jan Henning Thorsen

This program is free software, you can redistribute it and/or modify it under the terms of the Artistic License version 2.0.


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