UML::Sequence::JavaSeq - for use with script, works on compiled Java programs

SYNOPSIS UML::Sequence::JavaSeq Hello.methods Hello > Hello.xml Hello.xml > Hello.svg

OR UML::Sequence::JavaSeq Hello.methods Hello | > Hello.svg


This file depends on UML::Sequence::SimpleSeq and a Java tool called The later produces an outline of the calls to methods named in Hello.methods. The former provides methods UML::Sequence needs to produce an xml sequence. Look in the provided Hello.methods to see what options you have for controlling output.

For this class to work, you must have Seq.class (and its friends) and tools.jar (the one containing the the jpda) in your class path. Your jpda must be happy. (The jpda is the Java Platform Debugger Architecture. It ships with java 1.3.)


Call this method through the class name with the method file, the class you want to sequence, and any arguments that class's main method needs. Returns an outline you can pass to UML::Sequence::SimpleSeq->grab_methods and to the UML::Sequence constructor.