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Unamerican::Truth - !!!srini's lost story.


From a script:

  use strict;
  use Unamerican::Truth;

  my $truth = Unamerican::Truth->new;

From a browser:

If you'd rather view The Truth as a text file, type this:

  bin/ -v www/truth{1,2}.html > truth.txt


Way back in 1999, I was wandering through the web, and I came across There used to be a set of pages on there under the URL that had a journal in the form of proverbs, describing his state of mind as he wandered through Europe trying to find... something something deeper in life.

I really liked reading this, and I think it's a shame that it's not on the web anymore. That's why I'm releasing it on CPAN. I've considered that maybe !!!srini doesn't want people to know that much about this part of his life, but I think it's such a good read, that I'm willing to take the risk of pissing him off or making him sad, so that others may be able to read this and take it to heart.

I originally wrote this CGI::Application-derived webapp as a gift for srini, because one of his proverbs said:

  I envision this - this is the spec.
  you've got this document - the "truth"
  as it were - and you invite commentary
  on each and every single point in it.
  every bullet point has "add comment"
  and "read comments" hyperlinks.
  Ideally, the "read comments"
  hyperlinks also indicate how many
  comments have been added to that
  particular truth.

I thought that my web monkey skills could easily make that happen, and it was surely a better use of my skills to do this than to do what I normally get paid for. And thus, Unamerican::Truth was reborn in the form of a web application.

He sounded like he wanted to install it, but it never did happen for whatever reason.


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