Olivier Thereaux
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W3C::LogValidator::Basic - [W3C Log Validator] Sort Web server log entries by popularity (hits)


  use  W3C::LogValidator::Basic;
  my $b = new W3C::LogValidator::Basic;
  $b->uris('http://www.w3.org/Overview.html', 'http://www.yahoo.com/index.html');
  my $result_string= $b->process_list();


This module is part of the W3C::LogValidator suite, and simply gives back pages sorted by popularity. This is an example of simple module for LogValidator.



$b = W3C::LogValidator::Basic->new

Constructs a new W3C::LogValidator:HTMLBasic processor.

You might pass it a configuration hash reference (see "config_module" in W3C::LogValidator and W3C::LogValidator::Config) Particularly relevant for this module are the "verbose", "MaxDocuments" and obviously "tmpfile" (see process_list). Pass the configuration hash ref as follows:

  $b = W3C::LogValidator::HTMLValidator->new(\%config);

General Methods


Returns a list of URIs to be processed (unless the configuration gives the location for the hash of URI/hits berkeley file, see process_list If an array is given as a parameter, also sets the list of URIs and returns it. Note: while this method is useful in other modules of W3C::LogValidator, this basic module is here to sort URIs extracted from Log Files by popularity, this method is hence rather useless for W3C::LogValidator::Basic.


Given a list of URIs of documents to process, returns a subset of this list containing the URIs of documents the module supposedly can handle. For this module, the decision is made based on the setting for ExcludedAreas only


Formats the list of URIs sorted by popularity.

Returns a result hash. Keys for this hash are:

  name (string): the name of the module, i.e "Basic"
  intro (string): introduction to the processing results
  thead (array): headers of the results table
  trows (array of arrays): rows of the results table
  outro (string): conclusion of the processing results


Public bug-tracking interface at http://www.w3.org/Bugs/Public/


Olivier Thereaux <ot@w3.org> for W3C


W3C::LogValidator, perl(1). Up-to-date complete info at http://www.w3.org/QA/Tools/LogValidator/