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Changes for version 1.5 - 2017-08-24

  • resolved sample module naming conflict, per request from PAUSE


The W3C Log Validator - Quality-focused Web Server log processing engine
[W3C Log Validator] Sort Web server log entries by popularity (hits)
[W3C Log Validator] Batch validation of CSS style sheets (using the W3C CSS validator)
[W3C Log Validator] Configuration parser
[W3C Log Validator] Batch HTML validation (using the W3C Markup Validator)
[W3C Log Validator] finds the most popular documents with broken links in a Web server log.
[W3C Log Validator] HTML Output module
[W3C Log Validator] e-mail output module
[W3C Log Validator] STDOUT (console) output module
[W3C Log Validator] Generic Web site validity/quality survey engine
New processing module Template for the Log Validator
Sample new output module for the Log Validator


in lib/W3C/LogValidator/