Olivier Thereaux
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W3C::LogValidator::SurveyEngine - [W3C Log Validator] Generic Web site validity/quality survey engine


  use  W3C::LogValidator::SurveyEngine;
  my %config = ("verbose" => 2);
  my $validator = W3C::LogValidator::SurveyEngine->new(\%config);
  $validator->uris('http://www.w3.org/Overview.html', 'http://www.yahoo.com/index.html');
  my %results = $validator->process_list;


This module is part of the W3C::LogValidator suite, and processes a list of URIs in order to produce a validity/quality survey.

This module is experimental.



$val = W3C::LogValidator::SurveyEngine->new

Constructs a new W3C::LogValidator::SurveyEngine processor.

You might pass it a configuration hash reference (see "config_module" in W3C::LogValidator and W3C::LogValidator::Config)

  $validator = W3C::LogValidator::SurveyEngine->new(\%config);  

-head2 General methods


Processes a list of sorted URIs through different quality tools to produce a survey of their quality/validity

The list can be set uris. If the $val was given a config has when constructed, and if the has has a "tmpfile" key, process_list will try to read this file as a hash of URIs and "hits" (popularity) with DB_File.

Returns a result hash. Keys for this hash are:

  name (string): the name of the module, i.e "HTMLValidator"
  intro (string): introduction to the processing results
  thead (array): headers of the results table
  trows (array of arrays): rows of the results table
  outro (string): conclusion of the processing results

Given a list of URIs of documents to process, returns a subset of this list containing the URIs of documents the module supposedly can handle. The decision is made based on file extensions (see auth_ext) and the ExcludeAreas configuration setting.


Returns the file extensions (space separated entries in a string) supported by the Module. Public method accessing $self->{AUTH_EXT}, itself coming from either the AuthorizedExtensions configuration setting, or a default value


Matthieu Faure <matthieu@faure.nom.fr>

Maintained by olivier Thereaux <ot@w3.org> for W3C


W3C::LogValidator::LogProcessor, perl(1). Up-to-date complete info at http://www.w3.org/QA/Tools/LogValidator/