WWW::Webrobot::Forker - fork children and open socket to childrens STDOUT


 sub exec_child {
    my ($child_id) = @_;
    print "Childs $child_id answer\n";

 sub readline {
    my ($child_id, $line) = @_;
    print ">> $line\n";

 my $forker = Forker -> new();
 $forker -> fork_children(1, \&exec_child);
 $forker -> eventloop(\&readline);


This module is used to fork off some worker processes.


my $obj = WWW::Webrobot::Forker -> new

Construct an object.

$obj -> fork_children($count, \&child_function)

Forks off $count children. Each child executes \&function, then it terminates. STDOUT will be sent to the parent.

child_function takes the following parameters:

    my ($child_id) = @_;
$obj -> eventloop(\&readline);

Start the eventloop. Any data that is sent from a child via STDOUT will be forwarded to \&readline on a line by line basis. This method returns when all children closed STDOUT.

Readline takes the following parameters:

    my ($child_id, $line) = @_;

Note 1: $child_id of readline() is not the same as $child_id of child_function()

Note 2: Currently no way is provided for the parent to send data to the child.