WWW::xkcd - Synchronous and asynchronous interfaces to xkcd comics


version 0.009


    use WWW::xkcd;
    my $xkcd  = WWW::xkcd->new;
    my ( $img, $comic ) = $xkcd->fetch; # provides latest comic
    say "Today's comic is titled: ", $comic->{'title'};

    # random comic
    my ( $img, $comic ) = $xkcd->fetch_random;

    # and now to write it to file
    use IO::All;
    use File::Basename;
    $img > io( basename $comic->{'img'} );

    # or in async mode
    $xkcd->fetch( sub {
        my ( $img, $comic ) = @_;
        say "Today's comic is titled: ", $comic->{'title'};

    } );


This module allows you to access xkcd comics ( using the official API in synchronous mode (what people are used to) or in asynchronous mode.

The asynchronous mode requires you have AnyEvent and AnyEvent::HTTP available. However, since it's just supported and not necessary, it is not declared as a prerequisite.



Create a new WWW::xkcd object.

    # typical usage
    my $xkcd = WWW::xkcd->new;

    # it would be pointless to change these, but it's possible
    my $xkcd = WWW::xkcd->new(
        base_url => '',
        infopath => 'info.0.json',


Fetch both the metadata and image of a comic.

    # fetching the latest
    my ( $comic, $meta ) = $xkcd->fetch;

    # fetching a specific one
    my ( $comic, $meta ) = $xkcd->fetch(20);

    # using callbacks for async mode
    $xkcd->fetch( sub { my ( $comic, $meta ) = @_; ... } );

    # using callbacks for a specific one
    $xkcd->fetch( 20, sub { my ( $comic, $meta ) = @_; ... } );

This runs two requests: one to get the metadata using the API and the second to get the image itself. If you don't need the image, it would be better (and faster) for you to use the fetch_metadata method below.


Fetch just the metadata of the comic.

    my $meta = $xkcd->fetch_metadata;

    # using callbacks for async mode
    $xkcd->fetch_metadata( sub { my $meta = shift; ... } );


Works just like fetch, but instead of retrieving the latest comic, or the one specified, just gets a random comic. It can also receive a callback for retrieving the comic.


Why would you call it WWW::xkcd with all lower cases? Simply because that's what Randall Munroe who writes xkcd prefers.

Taken verbatim from

    How do I write "xkcd"? There's nothing in Strunk and White about this.

    For those of us pedantic enough to want a rule, here it is: The preferred
    form is "xkcd", all lower-case. In formal contexts where a lowercase word
    shouldn't start a sentence, "XKCD" is an okay alternative. "Xkcd" is
    frowned upon.


  • Try::Tiny

  • HTTP::Tiny

  • JSON

  • Carp


  • AnyEvent

  • AnyEvent::HTTP


Sawyer X <>


This software is copyright (c) 2018 by Sawyer X.

This is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify it under the same terms as the Perl 5 programming language system itself.