WebService::Avalara::AvaTax::Role::Dumper - Dump and restore compiled SOAP clients for AvaTax


version 0.020


    use Moo;
    with 'WebService::Avalara::AvaTax::Role::Dumper';


This role handles the dumping of compiled SOAP client code to storage, and then restoring it later to save time without having to recompile.



This role overrides the value of the use_wss attribute from WebService::Avalara::AvaTax::Role::Connection to false, since XML::Compile::WSS does not seem to work cleanly with XML::Compile::Dumper.


A boolean value you can set at construction to signal that the generated class files for this service should be deleted and recompiled. Defaults to false.


The directory in which to save and look for the generated class files. Defaults to a temporary directory provided by Path::Tiny::tempdir.


The path to the file in "dump_dir" used to save/read the generated classes. Defaults to lib/


This role wraps around the builder for the clients attribute to either read in the generated class file (if it already exists) or generate it and then add it to the symbol table.


The generated class files in the "dump_dir" directory will be read and executed, therefore it is critical that this directory is in a secure location on the file system that cannot be written to by untrusted users or processes!



You can find documentation for this module with the perldoc command.

  perldoc WebService::Avalara::AvaTax


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