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WebService::Idonethis - WebScraping pseudo-API for iDoneThis


version 0.23


    use WebService::Idonethis;

    my $idt = WebService::Idonethis->new(
        user => 'someuser',
        pass => 'somepass',

    my $dones = $idt->get_day("2012-01-01");

    foreach my $item (@$dones) {
        say "* $item->{text}";

    # Get items done today

    my $dones = $idt->get_today;

    # Submit a new done item.

    $idt->set_done(text => "Drank ALL the coffee!");


This is an extremely bare-bones wrapper around the website that allows retrieving of what was done on a particular day. It's only been tested with personal calendars. Patches are extremely welcome.

This code was motivated by's most excellent (but now defunct) memory service, which would send reminders as to what one was doing a year ago by email.

The idonethis-memories command included in this distribution is a simple proof-of-concept that reimplements this service, and is suitable for running as a cron job.

The idone command included with this distribution allows you to submit new done items from the command line.

Patches are extremely welcome.



    my $dones = $idt->get_day("2012-01-01");

Gets the data for a given day. An array will be returned which is a conversation from the JSON data structure used by idonethis. The structure at the time of writing looks like this:

The 'text' field (and currently only the 'text' field) will have HTML entities converted before it is returned (eg, '>' becomes '>').

            owner => 'some_user',
            avatar_url => '/site_media/blahblah/foo.png',
            modified => '2012-01-01T15:22:33.12345',
            calendar => {
                short_name => 'some_short_name', # usually owner name
                name => 'personal',
                type => 'PERSONAL',
            created => '2012-01-01T15:22:33.12345',
            done_date => '2012-01-01',
            text => 'Wrote code to frobinate the foobar',
            nicest_name => 'some_user',
            type => 'dailydone',
            id => 12345


    my $dones = $idt->get_today;

This is a convenience method that calls "get_day" using the current (localtime) date as an argument.


    my $done = $idt->get_range('2012-01-01', '2012-01-31');

Gets everything done in a range of dates. Returns in the same format at "get_day" above.


    $idt->set_done( text => "Installed WebService::Idonethis" );
    $idt->set_done( date => '2013-01-01', text => "Drank coffee." );

Submits a done item to The date field is optional, but the text field is mandatory. The current date (localtime) will be used if no date is specified.

Returns nothing on success. Throws an exception on failure.


Sessions are cached in your XDG cache directory as 'webservice-idonethis-perl'.


If a suitable cache location cannot be created on the filesystem, this class dies with an error. See for more details.

Other bugs may be present that are not listed in this documentation. See for a full list, or to submit your own.



Paul Fenwick <>


This software is copyright (c) 2014 by Paul Fenwick.

This is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify it under the same terms as the Perl 5 programming language system itself.