WebService::VerifyEmail - check validity of an email address using


  use WebService::VerifyEmail;
  my $verifier = WebService::VerifyEmail->new(
                    username => $username,
                    password => $password,
  print "Email is ", $verifier->email_ok($email)
                     ? 'GOOD'
                     : 'BAD', "\n";


WebService::VerifyEmail is an interface to the service at which is used to check whether an email address is bad.

The simplest way to use this module is the example given in the SYNOPSIS above. The module also provides a check_email() method, which returns an object with more information:

  $response = $verifier->check_email($email);
  if ($response->verify_status) {
     print "$email is GOOD\n";
  } else {
     print "$email is BAD:\n",
           "  auth status:  ", $response->authentication_status, "\n",
           "  limit status: ", $response->limit_status, "\n",
           "  limit desc:   ", $response->limit_desc, "\n",
           "  verify desc:   ", $response->verify_status_desc, "\n";

The verify_status field is 1 if the email address is good, and 0 if the email address is bad (caveat: see "KNOWN BUGS"). I'm not sure about the other fields at the moment, but when I've had clarification, I'll update this documentation :-) is a commercial service: there is a free level, but you can only check a small number of email addresses with that. You'll have to pay if you want to check any serious number of email addresses.


You can get false positives from the service: an email address can be reported as good, but then when you try and send email to it, you get a bounce. That's just the reality of the email infrastructure.


The following modules provide some form of checking of email addresses, from basic format checks upwards.

Mail::VRFY, Mail::Verify, Email::Valid, String::Validator::Email, Mail::CheckUser, Mail::EXPN, Net::validMX, Email::Valid::Loose.



Neil Bowers <>


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