Win32::Girder::IEvent::Client - Perl API to the Win32 Girder Internet Events Client


        use Win32::Girder::IEvent::Client;
        my $gc = Win32::Girder::IEvent::Client->new(
                PeerHost => ''
        $gc->send(42) || die "Can't send event";


Girder is a Windows automation tool, originally designed to receive commands from IR remote controls. The client is used for sending 'Event Strings' to a Girder instance or a compatible server.


my $gc = Win32::Girder::IEvent::Client->new([ARGS]);

Create a new client object. The client object inherits the IO::Socket::INET object and so the constructor can take all the IO::Socket::INET methods. However the only relavent ones are:

( PeerAddr => $addr ) or ( PeerHost => $addr )

The servername (and possibly port) of the server to connect to. Defaults to "localhost:1024" if not specified.

( PeerPort => $port )

The port on which the server is running. Defaults to 1024 if not specified or not part of the server name.

Girder specific parameters are:

( PassWord => $mypass )

The password needed for access to the server. Defaults to 'NewDefPWD'. Note that passwords are NOT sent plain text accross the wire.

$gc->send("event1" [,"event2" ...]);

Send an event, or several events to the server. Returns the number of events sent.


Politly shut down the connection.


This module is Copyright (c) 2002 Gavin Brock All rights reserved. This program is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify it under the same terms as Perl itself.

The Girder application is Copyright (c) Ron Bessems. Please see the 'copying.txt' that came with your copy of Girder or visit for contact information.


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