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WordList::ID::BIP39 - Indonesian (proposed) word list for BIP 39


This document describes version 0.002 of WordList::ID::BIP39 (from Perl distribution WordList-ID-BIP39), released on 2018-01-01.


 use WordList::ID::BIP39;

 my $wl = WordList::ID::BIP39->new;

 # Pick a (or several) random word(s) from the list
 my $word = $wl->pick;
 my @words = $wl->pick(3);

 # Check if a word exists in the list
 if ($wl->word_exists('foo')) { ... }

 # Call a callback for each word
 $wl->each_word(sub { my $word = shift; ... });

 # Get all the words
 my @all_words = $wl->all_words;


This is the proposed Indonesian word list for BIP 39. The list was formed by selecting the most common Indonesian words from Wikipedia (see WordLists::ID::Common repository) that are at least 4 characters long and are not found in the other BIP 39 wordlists (EN, ES, FR, FR). Characteristics of this wordlist:

  • Selected from most common words (Wikipedia Indonesia corpus).

  • At least 4 characters long.

  • Words can be uniquely determined typing the first 4 characters.

  • Words are not found in the other languages' BIP wordlist, so language detection is easy.


 | key                              | value         |
 | avg_word_len                     | 6.31982421875 |
 | longest_word_len                 | 16            |
 | num_words                        | 2048          |
 | num_words_contains_nonword_chars | 0             |
 | num_words_contains_unicode       | 0             |
 | num_words_contains_whitespace    | 0             |
 | shortest_word_len                | 4             |

The statistics is available in the %STATS package variable.


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About BIP 39:

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