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WordNet::Similarity::FrequencyCounter - Support functions for frequency counting programs used to estimate the information content of concepts.


createTopHash ($wn)

Creates and loads the topmost nodes hash from WordNet.

returns: $topHash, a reference to a hash containing the topmost nodes of the noun and verb hierarchies in WordNet.

updateWordFrequency ($word, $offsetFreq, $wn [, $opt_resnik])

Updates the counts of a given word in a given offset-frequency hash. It finds the offsets of all concepts corresponding to the given word in WordNet, and increments the frequency counts of these in the hash.

returns: nothing.

propagateFrequency ($offsetFreq, $wn, $topHash)

This function propagates the frequencies up the is-a hierarchies in WordNet, and return a hash with the new frequency counts.

returns: $newFreq, hash containing updated counts.


  Ted Pedersen, University of Minnesota Duluth
  tpederse at d.umn.edu

  Siddharth Patwardhan, University of Utah, Salt Lake City
  sidd at cs.utah.edu



To submit a bug report, go to http://groups.yahoo.com/group/wn-similarity or send e-mail to tpederse at d.umn.edu.


perl(1), WordNet::Similarity(3)






Copyright (c) 2008, Ted Pedersen and Siddharth Patwardhan

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