WordNet::vectorFile - Provides access to the word vectors database (used by the vector and vector_pairs WordNet::Similarity measures).


  use WordNet::vectorFile;

  my ($dCount, $dims, $vecRef) = WordNet::vectorFile->readVectors($filename);

  WordNet::vectorFile->writeVectors($fname, $dCount, $dims, $vecRef);


This module provides a read/write interface into the word vectors data file. This module is used by WordNet::Similarity::vector and WordNet::Similarity::vector_pairs as an interface into the word vectors database. This module abstracts the format of the data file away from the user.



This method reads in a word vectors file, and returns the document count, the words corresponding to the dimensions of the vectors, and a reference to an array containing the list of word vectors.

Parameters: $file -- the file name of the word vectors file.

Returns: ($dCount, $dims, $vecRef)


This method writes out a list of word vectors to the word vectors file.

Parameters: $fname, $dCount, $dims, $vecRef

Returns: none


perl(1), WordNet::Similarity(3), WordNet::QueryData(3)


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