Workflow::Condition::Evaluate - Inline condition that evaluates perl code for truth


This documentation describes version 1.61 of this package


 <state name="foo">
     <action name="foo action">
         <condition test="$context->{foo} =~ /^Pita chips$/" />


If you've got a simple test you can use Perl code inline instead of specifying a condition class. We differentiate by the 'test' attribute -- if it's present we assume it's Perl code to be evaluated.

While it's easy to abuse something like this with:

     if ( $context->{foo} =~ /^Pita (chips|snacks|bread)$/" ) {
          return $context->{bar} eq 'hummus';
     else { ... }

It should provide a good balance.


new( \%params )

One of the \%params should be 'test', which contains the text to evaluate for truth.

evaluate( $wf )

Evaluate the text passed into the constructor: if the evaluation returns a true value then the condition passes; if it throws an exception or returns a false value, the condition fails.

We use Safe to provide a restricted compartment in which we evaluate the text. This should prevent any sneaky bastards from doing something like:

         <condition test="system( 'rm -rf /' )" />

The text has access to one variable, for the moment:


A hashref of all the parameters in the Workflow::Context object


  • Safe - From some quick research this module seems to have been packaged with core Perl 5.004+, and that's sufficiently ancient for me to not worry about people having it. If this is a problem for you shoot me an email.


Copyright (c) 2004-2022 Chris Winters. All rights reserved.

This library is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify it under the same terms as Perl itself.

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