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X11::Keysyms - Perl module for names of X11 keysyms


  use X11::Keysyms '%Keysyms', qw(MISCELLANY XKB_KEYS LATIN1);
  %Keysyms_name = reverse %Keysyms;
  $ks = $Keysyms{'BackSpace'};
  $name = $Keysysms_name{$ks};


This module exports a hash mapping the names of X11 keysyms, such as 'A' or 'Linefeed' or 'Hangul_J_YeorinHieuh', onto the numbers that represent them. The first argument to 'use' is the name of the variable the hash should be exported into, and the rest are names of subsets of the keysysms to export: one or more of

  'MISCELLANY', 'XKB_KEYS', '3270', 'LATIN1', 'LATIN2',

If this list is omitted, the list


is used.


This module was generated semi-automatically by Stephen McCamant (<>) from the header file 'X11/keysymdef.h', distributed by the X Consortium.


perl(1), X11::Protocol, X Window System Protocol (X Version 11).